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Day 9 Florence Recovery

Submitted by atalaya on Mon, 09/24/2018 - 10:18

Today Monday we are hoping for word from elevator company as to the progress of our drives and expected arrival at Atalaya. Please refer to posts on this site.

Day 8 Florence Recovery

Submitted by atalaya on Sun, 09/23/2018 - 09:39

While on standby waiting for the arrival of the re-build drives, we continue to work throughout the building, and grounds with trimming palms, bringing plants down from up in the building, and painting. We had pest control this weekend and it turned out well because, no one was here on the lower half of the building, so every unit on the lower half got treated.

We hope to hear something from the asphalt company on their schedule for possibly re-sealing the lot across the street for when the drain project is in motion, we can use that lot across the street for parking.

For any arrivals scheduled for next Saturday the 29th keep a close eye on this site.

Day 7 Florence Recovery

Submitted by atalaya on Sat, 09/22/2018 - 10:50

Friday went as hoped for with elevator factory working on the dive re-builds in continued hope to test and send back by mid-week. We also had the swing stage in operation to assist getting FSA up in the building to get un-needed equipment to go onto other jobs. There are still fans and dehumidifiers in about a dozen units in the building but are scheduled to be removed Monday.

While we are closed, we are attempting to get at least parking lot across the street re-sealed at least while no vehicles are on it. Leaving the main lot for installing drain system to then be re-sealed. We attempted to have that done while closed, but the DOT has suspended all permitted work until after the flooding.

Day 6 Recovery Florence

Submitted by atalaya on Fri, 09/21/2018 - 09:41

We heard from elevator company yesterday confirming that the drives were blown out due to power surge. They are hoping to begin the re-building of the drives today in hopes of being able to have them back at Atalaya with technicians to install by mid to late next week. If all goes well and testing of the cars are successful, the 29th would be the best-case scenario. Keep in mind these drives are blown, but we won't know if that is all of the problem until they get re-installed, then the rest of the equipment can be tested. Please refer to this site every day.

The swing stage arrived and was assembled yesterday to be operated by our waterproofing company for FSA to get their equipment out of the building as well as us getting items back down to the ground for the resort’s operation. When drives arrive, it will then carry them and technicians to the 17th floor to then climb one set of stairs instead of 17 floors.

After the swing stage is finished assisting in the recovery it will then begin the waterproofing of the east side of the building starting from the north side 2 stack moving south. Weather permitting this project will take 6-8 weeks to complete

Day 5 Recovery Florence

Submitted by atalaya on Thu, 09/20/2018 - 09:56

FSA continues throughout the building on foot going back to equipment areas to check for any moisture, and if all is dry moving equipment to other affected areas. They are always accompanied with a staff member.

We should hear something from the elevator company today on the prognosis and lead time for the return of the drive boards.

We have members of both Board of Directors here supporting with any assistance needed for a combined effort to effectively address any multiple of issues.

The swing stage is scheduled to arrive today, and without any problems should be ready for use tomorrow for contractors to get up and down the building with their equipment.

If you have lost revenue coverage and need a letter the Board of Directors will send you one in order to send to your insurance carrier. The Board has also closed Atalaya Towers to any renters at least until Saturday September 29th.