Seriously, just pick up the phone

Let’s talk communication.

I’ve had a pretty frustrating experience over the past few weeks with a transaction that is set to close on Friday. The seller and his agent are great. My buyers are wonderful. But the closing attorney’s office is swamped and getting a response from them has been difficult to impossible. I’ve emailed asking for the same information 5 times and left voicemails. Nothing. This is information that I must have so we can close on Friday, namely how much money do we need to wire and what time are we closing. I’ve never had to wait til the week of closing to get a closing time, but I can roll with it. But I need to know BEFORE FRIDAY.

I had another experience with an agent who was nearly impossible to get ahold of. I was attempting to show his listing and it took me over an hour to get a response, via text, after I called him no less than 20 times because the tenants would not let me in the house. It was a Saturday afternoon at 2pm and I set the showing up days in advance.

I get it. People are busy. We have lives outside of work. The industry is in turbo drive and everyone is backed up and swamped. But, seriously, how hard is it to pick up the phone? In either of these circumstances, a 5 minute conversation would resolve the issues.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I hate talking on the phone. I’m a geriatric millennial and we do not like phone convos. I’d much rather text. Or email.

But sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and pick. it. up.

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